Digital marketing tips to run your own Business

Today in this Blog Spot I have tried to pen some points and some learning which I have gathered through my experience in the field of marketing and how it can help to grow your business and few learnings from my internship program which iam doing currently from Digital Deepak and if you want to apply for the next batch of the internship program you can go through this link for more information on internship

Let get started on this today in this Blog I will try to cover this point in marketing which will help you to grow your business.

Fundamental of marketing

Let me start asking you a simple question?

Which according you has come first Marketing or Product?

If you ask me I thing marketing comes first because marketing starts with understanding the needs of the product for its customers and based on that creating the product

Another tip I want to give about fundamental of marketing is that one should always focus on sending the right message to the right people at the right time.

Marketing is not about selling its about creating a lifetime relation with customer.

Make sure that the product is of high-quality combines with good marketing will give more chances of success.

Marketing is one of the areas in the business which gives sales in turn profit to the business compared to the other areas of business-like production, HR, finance, administration.

Marketing has a lot of shelf life and will never go out of fashion so investment in marketing will help to earn more money for business.

Marketing cannot be out sourced to a marketing agency it is important that the founder becomes active at least planning the strategies in marketing may be execution can be given to other person or a marketing agency.

The next topic I want to talk about is the need for effective communication among your stakeholders which is necessary in today’s world to run a successful business.

Communication skills

Good marketing is all about good communication skill.

In order to market your product or services to the potential customers. It is important to understand that the language and sentences use should be simple to understand and not complex in nature.

Simple language helps people to understand better thus can result in more sales.

In short communication plays an important aspect in any business it can make or break any business.

The next topic I want to talk in this blog is about understanding your business and which marketing will suits you is it Digital or Traditional marketing.

Digital vs Traditional Marketing

It is important for you to understand the what is Digital marketing and traditional marketing and which one will to select for your business which can in turn leads to more revenue and profit for your company.

To make you understand this point if you have a product which is very generic in nature and has a large audience who are your potential customers then traditional TV medium ads will be more effective than the Digital Marketing medium as the cost of acquisition for reaching one customer will be very less in TV ads than that of a Facebook AD digital marketing .

Direct response marketing is an effective way of marketing as it extracts response and actions from potential customers.

Integrated marketing

For any business to get successful it is necessary that it has go through all the steps described in the pictures in marketing so that it becomes successful in sales just following any one step and not getting the desired results may not be the right approach towards marketing .so it is necessary to follow the integrated marketing approach.

It is necessary to integrate all the marketing efforts and follow step by step process so that it allows to have a proper follow up on the marketing efforts which has been done and which will lead us to have a better understanding on what went right or wrong.

The beauty of this integrated marketing is that the results are visible in nature through sales of the products and services which in turn will results in high profitability for the business.

If the sales are not good by following all the steps in the integrated marketing then one can always revisit and make necessary corrective actions which will help to run a profitable business .

Personal Branding:

It is necessary that you have to create a strong personal brand which should relate to your customers to build a trust and quality content thus creating a personal brand will help you to grow your company easily as they trust you they will buy from you and even creation of a new company or product will be very easy to do .

Thus personal branding helps selling the products and services faster business grows faster and making money will we easy if strong personal brand is created by you try to understand your core area of expertise ,understand your niche which you want to do business try to gather as much of knowledge on it try to create good quality content or services all this things will help you to easy create and run a successful business.

To give an example is Elon Musk is a strong personal brand and lot of people trust his decision making process so whenever Musk starts a new company or business people will invest money blindly by the amount of faith they have in his process of doing business thus strong personal brand will help to run a business .

At last we have come to the end of this blog. I hope you have found this blog useful on marketing and its various aspects relating to how to increase your sales for your business. Till I come up with my next topic or article .This is Hiten Shah signing off thanks for taking your valuable time and reading it and will like to see your comments whether your like this article or not .

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